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title pic My Green Velvet Christmas Dress

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on November 25, 2012

The Green Velvet Dress – “Liesl’s Party Dress” in Christmas Colors


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  I LOVE everything about Christmas – the music, the lights, the decorations, the desserts…  But one of my favorite things about Christmas ever since I was a little girl has been dressing up in holiday outfits!  There’s nothing like little red velvet dresses with white fur trim to get you in the Christmas mood, or red plaid dresses with black velvet bodices.  Usually it’s the little girls who get all the fun holiday outfits, while we grown-ups are expected to make do with a pair of jeans and perhaps a red sweater and scarf – no hint of frilliness or the holiday elegance that we girls got to wear as children.  But not so at my house!  Over the years I’ve collected lots of elegant skirts, beaded tops, and ruffly blouses that all say “Christmas!” with a capital “C”!  Red and green are so classy for Christmas colors, but I love adding in golds, ivory, and black velvet…


This dress was made from my new “Liesl’s Party Dress Pattern”!

This year I’ve had so many Christmas sewing projects that I’m afraid I won’t get to share them all!  Between showing you the pictures of my holiday dresses and blouses that I’ve made this year I also want to do at least one Christmas costume film study, so the next month or so is going to be jam-packed with holiday cheer. : )  I even considered doing the “Twelve Dresses of Christmas”, but if nothing else I will at least get half a dozen outfits or so in this year.


Liesl’s Party Dress pattern is so versatile – I think I might have to make one in a pastel color come this spring!

My first sewing project for Christmas 2012 is a green velvet party dress made from my newly-released “Liesl’s Party Dress” pattern.  I have always adored green velvet, and I knew I had to make something Christmasy from it when I found it at my local fabric store this summer.


You can see that I slightly changed the sleeves and neckline binding to incorporate narrow satin ribbon along the edge, rather than binding the neck and gathering the sleeve edge with elastic. : )

You will notice that instead of using a matching sheer fabric for the collar and sleeves, I substitued an allover embroidered tulle with pearly ivory threads.  The effect was visually much more stunning than using the same color for the entire outfit, I think.  I did omit the beading/pearls on the bodice since I didn’t want to flattern the velvet’s pile.


I wore no crinoline with this dress since the skirt has so many gathers already, and I think velvet looks prettier when it can still drape a little bit anyhow.  It was such a fun frock to sew!  Green velvet never goes out of style, so as long as I don’t get any bigger (and I have no intentions of doing so!) I should be able to pull it out every wintertime for holiday parties.  Each year I need quite a few outfits for December since I celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, and my birthday within a few short days of each other, so I’m sure this will get quite a bit of use.

Happy holidays and happy sewing!!