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title pic Two Liesl Dresses and Another Pattern In the Works

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on July 28, 2012

Hello, Ladies!

I wanted to share some pictures I’ve received from two girls who sewed their own Liesl dresses from my Liesl’s Dancing Dress” pattern.  This first version shown was made by thirteen year old Katrina (not to be confused with myself who has the same name!).  She did a lovely job constructing it from pink chiffon, and she writes, “The Liesl dress is a lot of fun to make, and even more fun to wear, and you did an amazing job designing it.  I think every girl would love to have a Liesl dress – it’s beautiful, dainty, lovely, sweet, and modest all at once!”

Katrina’s dress is a simply beautiful creation, and I love that darling pink hat in the first photograph!  If she can sew this well in her early teens, I would think she will be quite the professional dressmaker in a few years!

So dreamy!  Doesn’t it just remind you of Liesl running down the stairs to the gazbeo?  Of all the things I love about this design, I think the flutter hem is one of my favorites, and she did a gorgeous job with this hemming technique.


The second customer who sent in photos made a lovely spring dress using the Liesl pattern with a shorter version of the sleeve.  You can easily achieve the same look by simply substituting the flutter sleeve pattern from my “Maria’s Gazebo Dress” pattern.  I purposely designed the Liesl and Maria patterns to have completely interchangeable sleeves, so you can mix and match them however you choose.

For her dress Heather used lavender chiffon and crepe, and enjoyed using the pattern so much that she outfitted an entire ice dance team using the Liesl Dress design!  She writes, “I purchased your pattern for Liesl’s dress a few months ago. I noted on your web site that you loved receiving pictures of people’s finished products.  I [and a few other ladies] made 11 of the dresses…  Thank you for manufacturing this pattern!”


And Another Pattern Underway!

But for the rest of the news, I am so excited to be working on the next Edelweiss Patterns design!  While I love many eras of fashion and sew a variety of projects here on the blog, my real love of costuming is recreating the Sound of Music dresses.  It’s been five years since I first started sketching and studying the lovely gowns worn by the on-screen von Trapps, and while I’ve put out four patterns, there are a still number of gorgeous designs that I hope to release in the upcoming future.  The original costume designer did a fabulous job of combining popular fashions from the “last golden days of the thirties” with a more heirloom, European style which was quite suitable to the Austrian aristocratic von Trapp clan.

So it is with great excitement that I am designing the pattern for “Liesl’s Party Dress”!  This charming frock has the most lovely heirloom details (such as puffing and pearl embroidery), but still retains that retro look with the full skirt, cinched waist, and ribbon sash.  As you can see, this style could easily be adapted to the 1950s, and you could even lengthen the skirt to floor-length for a truly elegant evening gown.

I’ll be posting more updates on the progress of this pattern, but until then, happy sewing!


Please note: All film stills are copyright by Twentieth Century Fox and have been digitally remastered by Edelweiss Patterns.  The patterns we produce are inspired by the Sound of Music, but are not exact replicas and are not sold under the “Sound of Music” label.  We do not make a profit from these pictures’ use on the blog.