Do you find it challenging to find modest clothing in the stores?  Here is your resource for making ready-made garments modest.

Stretch Lace

These laces are the perfect solution for low-cut tops! Keeping a supply of these allows you to quickly fill in
nearly any shirt you buy at the store. Instructions are available in the e-book for this quick and easy project.

Below you can see how a stretch lace can make a top inches higher!

For more examples of modest clothing using stretch laces click here.

Lace Pattern 1
A great lace for tops that need just a little more coverage.

Width: 1 3/4 inches
Color: white
Price: $3.99 / yard

Lace Pattern 2
This is a fine and more delicate stretch lace, produced by the French lace company Stephanoise’. Perfect for the dressier tops. Available in several colors, contact us to inquire.

Width: 3 1/4 inches
Color: white
Price: $6.49 / yard

Temporarily on Backorder

Lace Pattern 3
A sturdy stretch lace that is perfect for casual shirts
and dressy blouses.

Width: 3 3/4 inches
Color: white
Price: $4.99 / yard

Lace Pattern 4
A lovely scalloped stretch lace that you can use alone or tier to create a wider panel.

Width: 1 3/4 inches
Color: white
Price: $3.49 / yard

Lace Pattern 5
Extra-wide stretch lace that is semi-sheer with a classic flower design. Perfect for the tops that need a higher neckline but don’t require opaque coverage.

Width: 5 inches
Color: white
Price: $5.99 / yard

Lace Pattern 6
This wide orchid colored lace looks fabulous paired with nearly any pastel colored top, or contrasting a dark purple shirt. A lovely floral pattern that will make your top over 4” higher!

Width: 5 inches
Color: orchid (pinkish/lavendar)
Price: $4.99 / yard

Lace Pattern 7
This is one of my favorite laces, produced by an elite French lace manufacturer and imported from France itself. Such a gorgeous floral pattern with shiny embroidered threads! Usually also available in White, Wedgwood Blue, and Sage Green; contact us for more information.

Width:1 7/8 inches
Color: cranberry/dark red
Price: $5.49 / yard

Lace Pattern 8
Here is one of the most versatile laces I’ve seen! The iridescent beads and flower-shaped sequins pick up almost any color top you put it with, and the dark brown background blends with most warm and cool colors. Perfect to use with cream, yellow, orange, light pink, red, lavender, dark purple, light blue/aqua, dark green, and brown. To see pictures of a finished top using this lace click here.

Width: 1 1/2 inches
Color: dark brown/multi
Price: $3.99 / yard


Modesty Solutions E-Book

Here is your key to adjusting those store-bought tops, dresses, and formal gowns so you can actually wear them! No more having to pass up a beautiful garment just because it is too low or strapless! With these instructions you’ll be able to take a piece of clothing from immodest to modest in half an hour or less.

This book contains many helpful methods for altering clothing, along with detailed instructions and corresponding photographs. We discuss everything from t-shirts to eveningwear, and prove that the “too-low”, “strapless”, “off-the shoulder”, and “spaghetti strap” problems can easily be fixed in ways that produce stunning dresses, and most of them in a short amount of time. You’ll never need to cover up a gorgeous formal with a shawl again!

If you find that a dress you have doesn’t fall into any of the categories we discuss in this e-book, please contact us  for some additional tips.

(Instant Download: After payment click on "Return to Edelweiss Patterns" link to gain instant access to E-Book download.)