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title pic A 1950s Easter Dress – Butterick Pattern 7172

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on April 5, 2015


A 1950s Easter Dress – Butterick 7172 Pattern Review

Happy Easter, Ladies!  I just love all those vintage images of families walking into church on Easter Sunday, with the little girls and grown-up girls sporting their fanciest dresses, gloves, purses, and hats.  I’m told that in the 1950s most ladies got a new outfit for Easter every year, so I’ve always endeavored to follow this tradition by sewing a vintage dress each spring. :)


The year’s 1950s dress was made using a Moda Fabric print, and the out-of-print Butterick Pattern 7172.


I followed the pattern pretty much exactly, except for the fact that I substituted a rounded collar from Butterick 6835.  (This pattern, you may notice, is extremely similar to Butterick 6835 – the only difference is that the bodice of Butterick 7172 has gathers rather than tucks, and the skirt is gathered as opposed to circular.)


Now that I think of it, I did make one other change to the bodice by adding a button closure down the middle.  I also inserted contrasting piping in the mid-bodice seam, and stitched English netting lace underneath to follow the curved seamline.  (The lace extends around to the back of the bodice, but the piping does not.)


While this pattern is generally pretty rare, it is an excellent pattern if you can get your hands on a copy!  :)  I’ve worked with dozens of 1950s patterns over the years, and I would definitely give this one a 5 star rating.  It is very simple to construct and fit well without many adjustments at all.


The dress closes with a side zipper, which makes for a much cleaner finish than having a zipper in the back.  The skirt is fairly full, but because it’s not a circular skirt, it doesn’t create as full of a silhouette as some of my other dresses, even when worn with a giant petticoat.  :)


The hat and gloves, by the way, were really worn in the 1950s at one point. :)


Finally, here’s a closeup of the material – it’s Moda Fabrics’ “Honeysweet” Print by Fig Tree & Co.


I hope you all have had a wonderful Easter, and I hope to share a number of recently-made dresses in the near future!

Happy sewing!


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title pic A Year’s Worth of Customer Dress Results

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on March 30, 2015

Hello, Ladies!

Today I’d like to share some pictures of dresses that my customers have made using the Edelweiss Patterns designs.  I’ve been wanting to share these for a while, but I thought this was good timing since March of 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of The Sound of Music.  What better way to celebrate than with costumes inspired by the von Trapps?  😉

A Liesl Style Wedding Dress


I was so excited when Jill emailed me saying she was making her wedding dress from my “Liesl’s Party Dress Pattern“!  By simply lengthening the skirt pieces from below-the-knee to floor length, she arrived at a very elegant gown that gives a definite nod to The Sound of Music without looking costumy at all.


Jill also omitted the lower sleeve puffing for a more timeless look, and I was so thrilled to see how her dress turned out!  It’s actually quite easy to lengthen the skirt pieces to create a more formal gown with this pattern, and I am hoping to write a tutorial soon on how to proportionately lengthen the skirt…


Jill says, “This dress was a joy to sew and wear for one of the happiest days of my life!  I got married November 8th in a dress I made from your Liesl’s Dress Pattern. I left off the puffing on the lower sleeves and lengthened the skirt and used a pearl sash instead of a ribbon on my waist.
After I had the initial dress construction finished I went to a professional seamstress to have the skirt hemmed… I was so afraid of ruining it if I tried to do those things myself! Every one thought it was beautiful! I was so happy to have found a timeless, beautiful pattern from my favorite movie.”  
It is always so wonderful to see people enjoying the patterns I’ve put out!


I LOVE Jill’s veil with the wide ribbon edging.  It’s certainly much more elegant than the typical veil which has a pencil hem edge.


And there’s another beautiful close-up shot of Jill on her wedding day here on her blog.

~ Here was the gown shortly before it was hemmed. ~

~ Here was the gown shortly before it was hemmed. ~


A Gorgeous Teal Dancing Dress

Gwen made this lovely dress for her daughter using our “Liesl’s Dancing Dress Pattern“.   She writes, “Again, thank you for the pattern.  It was my first formal dress making and it was a breeze with your clear instructions.  I made this for her senior pictures.  She looked simply lovely in it.  Here are some of the pictures she had done.”




Didn’t she do a beautiful job?  I really love the fact that she used a more jewel tone color, because most of the versions I’ve seen that people have made with this pattern (and there have been dozens!) have all been pastel.  I think the most creative color I’ve seen before this one was a pale lavender, which was still not too far off from the original version.  So seeing the dress made up in teal makes me want to make myself one in a bolder color!

Rebekah’s Graduation Dress

Then I received an email from Rebekah, who wrote, “Here’s a picture of the finished dress that my mom made right for my college graduation. I love it SO much!!!”


I love it, too, Rebekah!  The satin material and wider binding at the neckline and sleeves are lovely, and the mint ribbon is possibly even better than the original yellow sash.  And those matching mint colored vintage shoes are adorable!  (This dress was also made from the “Liesl’s Party Dress Pattern“.)

Liesl’s Party Dress for Easter

This spring dress was made by Katrina Cheshire who has appeared on this blog a few different times over the last couple years when she has sent in photos made from some of my other patterns.  (You can see her gorgeous “Liesl” Christmas dress here.)    This one was made from the “Liesl’s Party Dress Pattern”, but as you can see she substituted lace for the usual organza sheer neck puffing, which looks really lovely!  Katrina (no relation to me who has the same name), writes:  “I wanted to send you some pictures of another Liesl’s Party Dress that I made for Easter in cream brocade and lace.   I love the pattern so much I had to make another dress!”




Well, I hope you all have been having a wonderful spring, and I’ll try to update the blog more regularly going forward for the rest of this year!  I have probably close to a dozen new dresses I’ve made over the last year that I just haven’t time to add to the blog yet, but hopefully soon that will be changing!  There’s a 1950s dress in particular which would make a perfect Easter dress, so I am planning to get pictures up by next week.

Happy sewing!


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title pic Vote for My Pink Ballgown in the Threads Sewing Competition!

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on January 28, 2015

Hi Ladies!


If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you probably remember the hand sewn Regency ballgown that I made to wear to the Grand Regency ball at the Jane Austen Festival in late 2013. (You can read all about how I sewed this garment here.)  Well, much to my surprise, this gown has now made it into the top five final contestants in Threads Magazine’s nation-wide sewing competition!  The judges selected the five top entries, but  I believe the final winner will be the result of which garment receives the most votes online at this page.   So would you mind taking a minute to hop over to the Threads Magazine website and voting for my pink Regency gown?  (Or whichever one is your favorite.)  Thank you! :)


Thank you all so much!  If you want to see a video of this dress while I was dancing in it at the ball in Bath, England, you can visit this link.

Happy sewing!


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