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title pic Our Wedding – Part 2! Official Portraits

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on December 9, 2015

Lars and Katrina 2015 – Our Victorian “Royal” Wedding

I’m so thrilled to share the official portraits from our pre-wedding photographs!  My favorites of Lars and I were actually taken after the wedding, so there will be more coming later!

Last time I shared a list of all our vendors (including my amazing makeup artist and hair stylist), but I wanted to point out that all our photos were taken by the amazing Kamirin of Crooked Stream Photography.  I can’t recommend her highly enough for wedding photos!  And what do you know, but she showed up to our wedding wearing a vintage frock and 1940s style high heels!  That really was exciting for me! :)  This post contains a large number of photos, so you’ll definitely want to scroll through to the end to see everything. 


Bride & Groom Portraits





Of all the parts of the dress I’m proud of, I think I am happiest with the train!  It took SO much work to ruffle all the yards of French lace, shape it around the edge of the train, and stitch it in place, but it was all worth it..  You can read more about how I sewed it here!





Groomsmen Portraits


What a handsome groom!  The men all wore tuxedos from Men’s Wearhouse.


Bridesmaids Portraits

With my matron of honor…


And here I was with my dear friend Karina below. (Yes, our names are only one letter apart!)


I was beyond thrilled with how elegant all our gowns looked together!  The effect was truly beyond any dreams for my wedding I could have had.


I thought we looked almost like some Edwardian ladies out of Anne of Avonlea in the shot below!  There is just such an abundance of lace trim, organza, ruffles, and roses in this shot!


After the initial bridesmaid portraits, we were joined by my adorable junior bridesmaid on the stage…


And then our flower girl completed the group. :)


 Somehow we forgot the flower girl’s basket full of gold rose petals for pictures, but she did have it during the ceremony. :)


I just love this shot!!  The pose reminds me of something from a Victorian wedding…  I also love how we’re all brunettes!

Family Portraits

In the photo below, you see my parents joining my soon-to-be husband and I on stage.  I just about lost it when I saw my mom in her gorgeous ballgown!  I had never actually seen it on her till then.


My mom and I have always been extremely close – more like sisters than mother/daughter for the last few years, so it was a VERY exciting time for us!  My mom single-handedly arranged all wedding details for us.  She and I planned and coordinated the wedding entirely by ourselves in about two months, and I couldn’t have done it without her!  


 The two of us plus my wonderful parents: bride-groom-parents

Then we shot one of my and my amazing “baby” brother – When I was a teenager, he was a tiny baby that I used to carry around the house, so it’s really not quite fair that he’s so much taller than me now! 😉  We all grew up so fast…  I sure am proud of him!


And one of me and my dad. :)  He sure took good care of me all those years!


And finally, one of the entire Casey family. :)


Lars’ precious mother joined us on stage.  I am so extremely thankful to have gotten such a wonderful mother-in-law!


We all planned and coordinated our attire right down to the lace trim, and I was so blessed to have such a cooperative bridal party! :)  Not one single complaint the whole time!

And here is one my favorite shots from the entire wedding!!  Doesn’t it just look like two regal queens and a princess? :)  My heart was so full of happiness at this point I could hardly handle it. :)


I specifically asked my excellent wedding photographer Kamirin to snap a picture of the two mothers together!  These two ladies became fast friends when Lars and I introduced them to each other, and they are two very excellent moms and examples for us.  I’m so thankful they’re dear friends beyond just being “in-laws”!  I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better situation. :)


Here we have the entire Holte family:


Here we have what is possibly our quintessential “Royal Wedding” shot from the whole day:


The entire wedding party on the elegant stage!  Note the red carpet in the photo – my parents rented one of two red carpets in all of Portland which was long enough for the cathedral style sanctuary!  I’ve always admired how the royal weddings in England showcase the train so beautifully by using a contrasting aisle runner instead of the usual white or ivory.  So I was just so happy to have our venue all decked out like something from England. :)  (The British royal weddings were a big inspiration to me while planning our big day – you can read more here.)


 And by the time we were to this final portrait, the guests were beginning to assemble behind the doors, and we all had to scurry away to our respective rooms until the ceremony began.  I can hardly wait to share photos of the decorated ballroom and the incredibly gorgeous ceremony!

Many people who attended the wedding and ballroom reception remarked to our parents that it was the most elegant or beautiful wedding they’d ever seen, and I certainly felt the same way!  I am so thankful to the Lord for bringing me the best husband I could possibly imagine, and to my parents for being so supportive and throwing me the biggest and grandest wedding I’ve ever seen! <3  I can’t think of one thing I would have changed about it, and I really felt like a princess on that day. :) 


Next time I’m going to post pictures of the absolutely stunning ballroom all decorated in peach and gold, along with shots of the heirloom wedding gown display in that room.  Then, I have dozens of gorgeous pictures to share from the glorious wedding ceremony and reception!  I’m so excited to get to share this with you all, and I hope you are all having a wonderful December!

Happy sewing,

Katrina Holte

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title pic Our Wedding Day! Part 1~ Getting Ready

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on November 23, 2015

My Victorian “Royal” Wedding


Photos copyright by Crooked Stream Photography.

On July 17th, 2015, I woke up to the most special day of my life.  It’s one of those rare and indescribable days when so much is happening that you know you couldn’t possibly remember it all, and when you’re in utter awe of what’s going on all around you – you’re hurrying to get ready with your hair and makeup just like any other day, only that this day you have people helping you, and you need a solid three assistants just to get into your petticoat, silk gown, tiara, jewelry, shoes and veil…  And just once you finally get done and are about to rush out for pictures, you glance back at yourself in the mirror and almost lose it – Oh my gosh!  That’s me in the wedding dress!  I’m getting married!  You go into the sanctuary for pictures and see your dear fiance all dressed up in his tuxedo, looking ever so dapper and calmly beaming.  You feel your heart about ready to burst as all your dearest friends gather on the almost regal stage for photographs, and you smile and laugh like you never have before… It feels almost heavenly, but you must come back down to earth and hide away once more in the bridal prep room so guests can take their seats.  Then, just when you’re about ready to leave the room for the last time and huddle behind the sanctuary doors, you feel a sudden rush of emotions – wishing time could stand still, and that you could just take in the wonder of the moment.  There, all around you, are the dearest girls and ladies to you in the world – the ones who have been there for you through your childhood or adulthood, and they’re all dressed up like they’ve never been before, all pearl earrings and ballgowns and smiles…  And they’re there for your wedding!

But before you know it, you’re all filing out the door, slightly nervous and with a fluttering heart, and within a few short minutes you take that long walk down the aisle, into a new and wonderful life…  And the next thing you know, you’re at your reception, dancing and celebrating and indescribably joyful, and you feel that this is the climax of your whole life – a golden, rosy, perfectly splendid evening where you get to waltz with your dad and perform a dance with your husband in the big silk ballgown that you sewed yourself, and you secretly thank yourself for reinforcing that seam just one more time, so there’s no chance of it tearing during all the festivities…

This is the story of my incredible wedding day to my fabulous husband, and it may take a few blog posts to recount the entirety of it.  I am so thankful to God for bringing us together, and for giving me the happiest “happily ever after” I could dream about!  (Here is the story of how we met at a ball!)

The Wedding Day Part 1

(You can click on each photo for a larger version.)

The Venue: The Academy Chapel & Ballroom

The Photographer: Kamirin Couch of Crooked Stream Photography

The Makeup Artist: Jessie Schultz

The Hair Stylist: Janelle Hayden of The Prettiest You

The Gown: Designed & Sewn by Me (Here’s the story of how I made it)


 I wore white fur slippers with sparkles while getting ready! :)  We all had matching red robes for the preparations, so we didn’t get makeup and hairspray on our beautiful gowns…


My sweet junior bridesmaid putting in her pearl drop earrings…


My silk and lace gown hung neatly in the room.


The bridesmaids wore their hair in French twists. Janelle did a super job on everyone!



Chiffon ruffles and roses down the back of the skirt, and gathered gold lace at the neckline – these are a few of my favorite trims. 😉


I was so thankful Jessie could do my makeup!  She is one of the top Mary Kay makeup artists in the United States, and despite being very pregnant she did all the makeup for the entire bridal party, plus the two mothers!



All my ivory and gold accessories were put out ready to go!  (The ivory satin gloves with gold beading came all the way from South Africa via my dear friend Jennie Chancey of Sense & Sensibility Patterns!  She’s been such a dear friend to me for years, and I was thrilled that I was able to Skype her into the wedding reception later on!)  



My sweet mama and bridesmaids helped me into my gown.  I had been slightly nervous while stuck in the hair and makeup chair that they didn’t have everything ready – “Do you guys have my gown ready?  And the jewelry and veil?  And my shoes?”  But yes, they had everything all ready to go!  I think they got me into the gown in about 60 seconds flat, which was good since we were behind schedule for pictures.  :)





Me and my mama.  :)


Before I knew it, we were all ready to go get our pictures taken! 


And here’s a peek at the ballroom right before the guests arrived. :)  

More pictures to come really soon, I promise!  

Happy sewing,


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title pic My Wedding Rehearsal & a New 1950s Dress

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on November 3, 2015

Hello, dear Readers!

I just can’t wait to share pictures of my wedding here on the blog, but first I wanted to show you the pictures of the wedding rehearsal!

On the morning of my wedding rehearsal, I woke up completely elated.  My then-fiance’ and I talked on the phone together, before I did seemingly dozens of last-minute wedding tasks with the help of my mother and brother.  :)  All the wedding favors were assembled, the gowns were hanging up neatly, and the framed descriptions for the heirloom wedding gown display were printed.  In just a few short hours, my all-time best girlfriend would be flying in from out of state for the rehearsal, and the last time I’d seen her was at her wedding two years earlier!

My extremely sweet fiance drove about an hour from the other side of town to join me in picking up my maid of honor from the airport.  I want to point out that in the months that we’d been courting and engaged, my sweet guy had driven probably hundreds of miles in his vehicle to come see me…  He is such a sweetheart!


Then came the moment when we stood at the end of the walkway waiting for the passengers to deboard, and there she was!  My best friend Eszter that I’d known, loved, and prayed with since I was 12 years old.  Seeing her in person, it really kind of hit me just how big this day was!  Oh my goodness ~ I’m getting married!  Eszter just showed up for my wedding!  This is going to happen so soon! :) 

For the day of the wedding rehearsal, I wore a salmon colored 1950s dress which I sewed from an out-of-print vintage pattern!  (Pattern on the right in the photo below – McCalls 4008.)


Upon arriving at the wedding venue, I nearly squealed with excitement when I saw the decorations coming together in the ballroom!  The tables were covered with ivory linens, and alternating peach and gold satin runners.  The pillars were hidden in chiffon, which I knew would look dazzling when the tiny white lights were turned on underneath the fabric.  It was so exciting!


As the shiny dance floor was empty, I jumped at the opportunity to practice our first wedding dance with Lars!  While we had been practicing for months, we had never yet tried out the choreography in that large of a space, so I was just slightly nervous.   And what do you know, but my maid of honor snapped a video of us rehearsing on her phone! 😀  So guess what I just uploaded to Youtube today?  While this video clip doesn’t show the entire dance, you can at least see the end of it…  And yes, I WILL be sharing the footage of the actual wedding reception dance very soon!

Then it was time for the rehearsal to begin in the chapel, which honestly looked more like a small cathedral sanctuary to me!  It was amazing to see all of our wedding party gathered in the same place for the first time ever…  It really started to hit me, “Oh my goodness – these people are all here for our wedding.  We’re getting married tomorrow!”

(The professional photos below are copyright by Kamirin Couch of Crooked Stream Photography.  She was FABULOUS!  I can’t recommend her highly enough!  And you can click on the pictures below to view them larger.)


As you might notice, I was rather happy.. 😉


My mama and I wore matching dresses – not surprisingly, we color coordinated for the event. :)


I loved this dress pattern SO much!  It has lots of gathers in the upper bodice, gathers in the back and sides of the skirt, and a straight panel down the front of the bodice that continues into the skirt.  The fabric was a coral cotton sateen, so I’m fortunate it wasn’t too wrinkled in the photos!  


Look at this!  All three of us girls just happened to wear our hair in the exact same style… and we’re all brunettes!  Talk about coordinating. 😀  Oh!  And those shoes (I bought them here) had only been worn once before on an evening when Lars and I went out very early on in our relationship, so I thought I should wear them again as they matched my dress.  They reminded me so much of vintage shoes ! <3


The late afternoon light was flooding through the stained glass windows and onto the stage.  It was sort of as if God was smiling down on us.



Then, we were off from our gorgeous venue (a historic building which dates back the the 1800s), and onto the rehearsal dinner.  I just had to fit in my fondness for the von Trapp story into my wedding festivities, so we ate at a German restaurant, feasting on schnitzel with noodles and crisp apple strudel… (you should probably go listen to “My Favorite Things” if those dishes don’t ring a bell.) 😉


And what should I find hanging on the wall of the restaurant, but early Edwardian fashion plates! 😀 <3  It was absolutely perfect!  I felt like the entire evening had been custom made for my wedding.  Soooo special!


Lars and I ran one last errand before he dropped me off at my house ~ we wanted to surprise our mothers by giving them flowers during the ceremony, so the two of us selected roses for the next day…  I just hoped they wouldn’t wilt in the heat, but I knew it was a chance we’d have to take since the wedding day itself would be too busy.

Tomorrow, we’d have the biggest day of our lives.  


I want to share one more sneak peak picture of the wedding!:


Here I was with my mama, just minutes before walking down the aisle.  We were both in Victorian style outfits – just wait till you see her and my mother in law’s gowns!  😀

More to come soon!

Happy sewing!


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