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title pic Liesl’s Edelweiss Dress!

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on December 17, 2016


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Hello, Ladies,

Several years ago I mentioned that I was going to make a pattern for Liesl’s Edelweiss Dress as my next design.  Well, life got awfully busy, and I haven’t been able to work on any new designs for a while.  But this year, everything fell into place for me to finally put up pictures of the finished dress that I drafted and sewed!  This is inspired by the dress Liesl wore during the “Edelweiss” scene.  It is not an exact film costume replica, but it’s extremely similar!  I literally spent dozens of hours just scrutinizing the design of the dress on screen before I sketched and designed this version.


The scalloped ruffles at the sleeves and neck proved to be a task – I didn’t like the size of the scallop stitch built into my sewing machine, and I couldn’t find any scalloped white cotton at that width…  So since I didn’t have a die cutter, I cut all the scallops by hand and glued the raw edges of each scallop using FrayCheck.  It was a project!  The tiny purple flower appliques were as close as I could find to the film version.  I searched far and wide for something like this, and eventually ordered these in bulk from France.  They’re not identical, but as close as I could find without creating an embroidery design myself.


The thing I love about the original Dorothy Jeakins creation is that it perfectly blends the European dirndl charm with a slightly more refined almost-1940s look.  You have the fitted bodice with all the piping and seams so common in dirndls , but the lack of printed cottons and bold colors tones down the “Octoberfest” look! 😉  Saul Chaplin (one of the associate producers on the film), once remembered that the production team had actually asked Dorothy Jeakins to *not* put any “fancy dirndls” in the film.


The skirt is very full and gathered, but it’s still quite lightweight to wear since the dress is made of a linen-cotton blend.  I love the fit of this dress!


So now I come to the point which I’ve been asked for the last couple years over and over – “When is the pattern going to be ready?!” 😉  Well, here’s the thing of it – my schedule is so full between working, running a business, and running a house that I don’t have an awful lot of spare time.   With how precious my time is right now, I would need to know that there are enough people who would be able to use it in order to make it worth the one hundred or so hours it would take me to put into grading, writing instructions, final testing, and drawing illustrations.  SO -I am considering setting up a “pre-order” on Kickstarter to have a certain number of patterns on pre-order before I dive into publishing the pattern.  Then again, if we didn’t have enough pre-orders for it to be worth my time, Kickstarter would refund you and/or you would not be charged.  Assuming there is enough interest, I could have a goal of having this pattern out by spring of 2017!


Either way, this dress has been on my “dream sewing list” for years and I’m so thrilled to have it finished and photographed! And without giving too much away, I have reason to believe that one of the other most-requested Sound of Music dresses will be recreated by this spring here on the website as well…

I hope you all have a wonderful December, and I’ll see you in another week with my annual Christmas dress post!

Happy sewing,

Katrina Holte

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title pic A Few of My Favorite Things…

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on September 3, 2016

Hello, Ladies!

I wanted to share some of my favorite things with you in a slightly random post today, as these things are very inspiring for me and I hope will be to you as well!  These are a few of my favorite things in no particular order. :)

Flowers!  ~ One can never have too many flowers.  They lend so much beauty to wherever they are, and even in winter you can decorate your house with silk flowers from your local Joanns or Michaels.                                                                                                                                                                             flowers

Kathryn Morgan Videos


This girl is a former ballerina with the New York City Ballet, and has one of the most beautiful websites and Youtube channels ever!  She has an exquisite style, and does her makeup so elegantly – it’s quite similar to what I do on an everyday basis but I just love to watch them all the same.  Oddly enough, she and I share a classmate from ballet – a girl I danced with down in Houston in about 2000 ended up joining the New York City Ballet the same year Kathryn did!  Too funny!  Kathryn is planning her wedding right now, and I just love her wedding videos as well!  You can see her website here and her Youtube channel here.

 The Glamorous Housewife

This lady is basically a living 1950s housewife who dresses vintage every day and makes the most adorable cooking and homemaking videos!  She was a big encouragement to me after I became a wife last year, and suddenly was in charge of a three story town-home to keep track of and three meals a day to cook while working and running a small business! 😉  I really love how she encourages women to not get so busy taking care of the house that they forget to do things that will inspire and refresh them.  Her website is here and her Youtube is here.

 The Victorian Trading Company


This one goes without saying.  While I do wish they didn’t have some of the more Gothic things they carry, many of their products are like stepping back in time to Avonlea!

 Lisa Eldridge Makeup Videos

This lady is one of the top makeup artists in the world and has a delightful British accent!  She’s done makeup for members of the royal family and many other famous people.  I’ve learned so much from watching her videos over the last couple years, and she has a wonderful vintage makeup section on her channel as well!  Her knowledge of makeup is amazing, and she’s really an artist in the truest sense of the word.  Not all the makeup looks are something I would wear, but there are a lot of classy and gorgeous ones, too.

 Michal Negrin



An absolutely stunning website that offers some of the loveliest jewelry you’ll ever see.  I discovered this brand on a trip to Israel several years ago, and I’ve been a fan ever since.  The items are handmade in Israel in almost Victorian style.  They’re a bit pricey, but absolutely gorgeous!  Love this website! <3


 Afternoon Tea

There’s no official website for this one, but don’t we all need to take a break every once in a while and have a good cup of tea and a scone or two?




English Country Dancing is one of my current favorites, although my husband and I like to swing dance from time to time as well!  As Frank Churchill (from Emma) once said, “There are simply not enough opportunities to dance”, but if you search around there might be a good group in your area you can join!  If not, why not start a small group with a few friends and learn some of your favorite Jane Austen dances from Youtube tutorials?  You never know if it might take off. :)



While some may think these are frivolous, I’ve found I feel sooo much better while doing housework, sewing, and typing when my nails are professionally manicured.  It gives you a fun thing to look forward to every two to three weeks, and even though I’ve always had strong nails I find my nails perform so much better and don’t get hangnails when I have them professionally done.  You can get a Gelish nail polish manicure for around $25, and after a tip that’s around $10 a week if you get them done every three weeks.  There’s something so refreshing about getting your nails done, and they make me happy every time I see them when I’m typing for hours at a time. :)  (More picture ideas on my Pinterest board.)


{From My Instagram}

So there you have it!  A few of my favorite things!  I’ve realized there are so many things that make me happy that I really have enough ideas for two or three posts…  Maybe I’ll find time to do some more of these inspiration posts in the near future! 

Have a lovely day and happy sewing!


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title pic Simplicity 8051 Retro Pattern Review!

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on July 12, 2016


If you follow the new pattern collections that are released by the “Big Four” pattern companies every year, you were probably just as excited as I was when they released this new Simplicity 8051 design earlier this year! I feel like Simplicity’s retro reprint collection is hit and miss as far as authenticity and photo shoot styling go – (you’ll often have 1940s hairstyles on a 1950s dress and shoes from neither era), but this is one pattern and style that they totally nailed!


The style I really loved was View A on the pattern envelope, with its trapeze neckline, ruched bodice, curved cummerbund, and flared circular skirt.  Talk about details!  The only thing I didn’t love about the pattern was the cutout portion in back – I wanted this dress to be something I could wear to church, not just on a picnic or day at the beach. 😉  So I very easily adjusted it to be a one-piece back bodice piece by pinning the two back pieces together and cutting out as you see below.


The pattern came together extremely easily and quickly – I sewed most of it in about 3 hours flat.  I didn’t run into any major fit issues at all, although I did have to take in the shoulder seams a bit as I have slightly narrow/petite shoulders.  (You can see more sewing progress pictures on my Instagram page if you scroll down a little ways.)


I highly recommend this pattern!  It is a dream to wear and I have a feeling this is going to be one of the most popular retro reproduction patterns in quite some time.

ruffle trim

I added chiffon frilly trim to the neckline, (not part of the pattern), but it could be dressed down if you didn’t add trim.  The fabric is a 100% cotton print which has a very subtle color-on-color polka dot. :)



 I absolutely adore this pattern and it’s one of those designs where you want to make one in every color! 😉   It could even work for fall if you wore a sweater over it.  Below are a couple shots of the dress worn with a belt and flower pin for my one year anniversary photographs!  (How in the world has it already been one year of marriage to my sweetheart?)   {Photos by the excellent Sarah Gale Photography}




Happy sewing!


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