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title pic Liesl’s Edelweiss Dress!

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on December 17, 2016


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Hello, Ladies,

Several years ago I mentioned that I was going to make a pattern for Liesl’s Edelweiss Dress as my next design.  Well, life got awfully busy, and I haven’t been able to work on any new designs for a while.  But this year, everything fell into place for me to finally put up pictures of the finished dress that I drafted and sewed!  This is inspired by the dress Liesl wore during the “Edelweiss” scene.  It is not an exact film costume replica, but it’s extremely similar!  I literally spent dozens of hours just scrutinizing the design of the dress on screen before I sketched and designed this version.


The scalloped ruffles at the sleeves and neck proved to be a task – I didn’t like the size of the scallop stitch built into my sewing machine, and I couldn’t find any scalloped white cotton at that width…  So since I didn’t have a die cutter, I cut all the scallops by hand and glued the raw edges of each scallop using FrayCheck.  It was a project!  The tiny purple flower appliques were as close as I could find to the film version.  I searched far and wide for something like this, and eventually ordered these in bulk from France.  They’re not identical, but as close as I could find without creating an embroidery design myself.


The thing I love about the original Dorothy Jeakins creation is that it perfectly blends the European dirndl charm with a slightly more refined almost-1940s look.  You have the fitted bodice with all the piping and seams so common in dirndls , but the lack of printed cottons and bold colors tones down the “Octoberfest” look! 😉  Saul Chaplin (one of the associate producers on the film), once remembered that the production team had actually asked Dorothy Jeakins to *not* put any “fancy dirndls” in the film.


The skirt is very full and gathered, but it’s still quite lightweight to wear since the dress is made of a linen-cotton blend.  I love the fit of this dress!


So now I come to the point which I’ve been asked for the last couple years over and over – “When is the pattern going to be ready?!” 😉  Well, here’s the thing of it – my schedule is so full between working, running a business, and running a house that I don’t have an awful lot of spare time.   With how precious my time is right now, I would need to know that there are enough people who would be able to use it in order to make it worth the one hundred or so hours it would take me to put into grading, writing instructions, final testing, and drawing illustrations.  SO -I am considering setting up a “pre-order” on Kickstarter to have a certain number of patterns on pre-order before I dive into publishing the pattern.  Then again, if we didn’t have enough pre-orders for it to be worth my time, Kickstarter would refund you and/or you would not be charged.  Assuming there is enough interest, I could have a goal of having this pattern out by spring of 2017!


Either way, this dress has been on my “dream sewing list” for years and I’m so thrilled to have it finished and photographed! And without giving too much away, I have reason to believe that one of the other most-requested Sound of Music dresses will be recreated by this spring here on the website as well…

I hope you all have a wonderful December, and I’ll see you in another week with my annual Christmas dress post!

Happy sewing,

Katrina Holte

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