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title pic The Christmas Dress Party, 2014!

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on November 17, 2014

Let’s Have A Vintage Christmas Dress Link-Up This Year!

Hi Ladies!


For several years I’ve thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be fun if there was a holiday party where everyone wore vintage Christmas dresses they made themselves?”  Usually at holiday parties I’m practically the only girl in a real, full blown dress, and I get tired of that sometimes.  I mean,do we really all have to wear a pair of jeans and a sweater, and possibly one of those over-used scarves as “festive attire”?  Isn’t part of the joy of the holidays tossing on those special outfits that we only get to wear once a year?  Personally I can’t wait for each December to roll around, because it means I get to don my cranberry shantung suit with the organza ruffles, the burgundy damask skirt and ruffled ivory blouse, my green velvet frock or plaid 1950s dress, or even that white fur cape that only looks appropriate during the holidays.

Thankfully I have seen evidence online the last few years that there *are* other grown women who also make themselves a new Christmas dress every year and share the results on their sewing blogs.  So while there may be hundreds of miles between us which unhappily prevent us from all getting together for a holiday party in real life, let’s have a virtual “online Christmas dress party” this year where we all share the results of our holiday sewing in one blog post!

From a vintage pattern catalog in my collection.

From a vintage pattern catalog in my collection.

Here’s my plan: we will all sew our individual dresses from whichever era we choose, and have our pictures taken and ready to share by December 23rd, if possible.  On that day I will put up an official Christmas dress party blog post, along with pictures of two over-the-top holiday frocks that I will have photographed in a festive location.  (Just like this one from last year.)  Then each of you can add a comment that gives a description of your dress plus a link to your dress pictures – ideally if you have a sewing blog that would be perfect, but even if you just add the pictures to Pinterest or share on your Facebook page and make the images public, that would be great, too!

Circa 1942.

Circa 1942.

I look forward to seeing what you all come up with!  I think it would be amazing to see everyone’s creativity represented in one place.  Whether you prefer to sew Regency reproductions, Victorian gowns, 1940s day dresses, or 1950s party dresses, you are welcome to share any era in the dress party link-up, so long as it has a definite holiday look to it.  (It does not have to be just red or green of course!)


I have created a Pinterest board with a flurry of festive frocks here that will hopefully be good inspiration!  I’ll be adding to it over the next few weeks, whenever I’m not sewing like crazy to meet my holiday sewing goals!

So if you haven’t started sewing this year’s Christmas dress already, Ready, Set, SEW! :)  (Oh, and please feel free to add the Christmas Dress blog button from my sidebar to your blog if you so wish.)


Happy sewing!


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