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title pic Scarlett O’Hara Ballgown Part 2 – At the Civil War Ball!

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on July 27, 2014


Last week I shared photos of my Scarlett O’Hara Ballgown while it was under construction.  So this week I am very excited to share pictures of the finished gown which I wore to a Civil War Ball!  I loved working with the vintage 1940s pattern to make this Gone With the Wind inspired costume, and I used an 1860s reproduction print from Moda Fabrics for the gown.  Since I focused on all the details of the garment in my last post, this time I think I’ll just share more pictures and less specifics. :)  Hope you enjoy it!


The ruffles in the back are probably my favorite part of the costume!  It did take a lot of work to hem 10 yards of circular ruffles, but it was well worth the effort!  One can never have too many ruffles. 😉



Some very kind ladies took a few pictures for me at the ball location, and here’s one neat behind-the-scenes shot.

This location was so stunning, and it was just a gorgeous day!

This location was so perfect, and it was just a gorgeous day!

The Civil War ball I attended was held at a very period correct location which included buildings from the mid-1800s.  The dance began inside one of the larger “barn” like facilities, but by the end of the evening the whole group moved outside to dance on the lawn.  It was marvelous!


So here are some dancing shots! :)  (Thank you to some very kind ladies – Dana, Chris, Alicia, and Sarah – for letting me use these pictures!  I was too busy dancing the entire evening to think about grabbing my camera.)


The only thing that was a bit tricky with my costume is that I hadn’t made the skirt quite short enough.  And that’s kind of a problem when you need both hands free to dance!  For the most part, though, I was able to maneuver around in it fairly easily.


Most everyone came in 1860s attire.  There were varying levels of authenticity, of course, but most people looked like they stepped out of the Civil War time period.  It was so fun!


The dancing itself was mainly English country dancing, so it was basically like doing Jane Austen dances in hoopskirts.  I loved it!


My favorite dances from the evening were probably “The Spanish Waltz” and a very lively number called, “Aw Shucks”.  (The dance is a lot more promising than the title.) 😉


After the inside dances we took a short break outside to walk around the lawn, and then the dancing resumed on the grass.



It was such a gorgeous day out!


Then the dancing resumed, and it was a blast!  Somehow dancing outside surrounded by pioneer-era buildings is *almost* more enjoyable than dancing in a ballroom setting.  It was so fun!!


{Photo Credit – Sarah of Pintucks & Pinafores}


(This picture above shows “The Spanish Waltz” in action.  There are a number of videos on Youtube that show a similar version of the dance, but the music was much livelier than any Youtube version shows.)


One more picture from the Spanish waltz.


This was the “Aw Shucks” dance which was such a gigantic amount of fun!

This photo above was from the “Aw Shucks” dance which was so lively and energetic!  You can watch a video here that shows almost exactly what we did at the dance.


Then the ball was pretty much over so I assumed it was time to leave, but as it turns out there was still more “post-ball” dancing which was great fun!  A number of us waltzed (it’s not too easy to do Viennese waltzing in a hoopskirt on the grass, so I didn’t feel like I did as well at that as I should have.  But it was still so wonderful to do waltzing after mainly English country dances!)  Then the very last dance was called the “Post-Jig Dance” which was outrageously fun once I got the hang of it.  (Ahem – it did take me a while to pick up on since I hadn’t learned the dance…  But I didn’t do as bad as Mr. Collins’ dancing from Pride & Prejudice – “Other way, Mr. Collins!”)   If you watch this video on Youtube you can see the dance I’m referring to! :)  



All in all, it was possibly the most fun dance I have ever attended!  (And that’s quite a statement, considering the fact that I was at the Jane Austen Festival’s Grand Regency Ball last year at the Assembly Rooms, and that I also did English country dancing *inside* the Pride & Prejudice film location of “Longbourn”.)  I am so thankful I could go!  It was just a blast.

And here’s one final full-length shot of the Scarlett O’Hara gown:


Happy sewing!  Hope you all have a wonderful week! 


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