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title pic The Christmas Candle – A New Period Drama Christmas Film!

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on November 23, 2013


Imagine a classic Christmas film that captures the charm of the English countryside, the message of It’s a Wonderful Life, the costumes of an 1880s period drama, and the superb acting of a BBC production…  Well, imagine no longer, because as of this weekend such a film actually exists in the theaters!  (It is not very often that I am impressed by any movie that comes out, but this one is certainly on my list of favorites after just two times of watching it.)

Based on the novel written by author Max Lucado, The Christmas Candle is a new release that was filmed in the heart of rural England and is filled with the loveliest 1880s bustle gowns and the most wonderful Christmas story!  The storyline itself is a refreshing departure from so many “holiday” themed movies which have little to do with the season.  It focuses on the true meaning of why we celebrate Christmas, shows a very real portrayal of life in a small English village, and highlights the work of the Salvation Army in London’s poorest neighborhoods.  But amidst the ups and downs of the characters’ lives, the film remains a heartwarming Victorian tale filled with both poignant and joyful moments, with tragedy, Scriptures, miracles, and love.

 Below are a few snapshots from various scenes in the film, which I hope will inspire you to go see The Christmas Candle yourself!




~The Village of Gladbury ~



~ The Christmas Candle Costumes ~

The Christmas Candle costume designer is Pam Downes, who did a fabulous job of creating late-1880s bustle dresses for the various classes of ladies in the film.  Pam Downes was a wonderful choice for this period drama, as her previous projects include such notable Victorian films as Lark Rise to Candelford.   But best of all, many of the movie’s costumes were supplied by Cosprop, the world-renowned costume house in England that has provided period clothing for Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, and nearly every Jane Austen film or Victorian period drama that has come out in recent years!

The town’s elite ladies wear the most gorgeous silk and velvet bustle gowns, trimmed with lacy jabots, velvet ribbons and beaded motifs, while the middle class women wear more simple, though still strikingly fitted dresses.  “Leading lady” Samantha Barks appears to be quite tiny to begin with, but her corsets must have been so tight during filming that I’m sure it must have been a relief when the film was over! :)  I love wearing corsets myself, but on a couple of her costumes you can tell that she was very tightly-laced.   The pictures below do not do justice to the true detail of the gowns, so to see what I’m talking about you’ll have to go watch the film in the theater! :)





Blue, blue, and more blue!

It is noteworthy to mention that the leading actress (Samantha Barks) wears nothing but various shades of blue during the entire film, until the very last scene where she wears a lovely cranberry red dress!  Every scene prior to this shows slate blue, navy blue, greyish blue, or light blue.  I would have liked to see more color on her clothing, but I think the change from cold to warm colors at the very end is meant to symbolize her change of heart and attitude.  That’s my take, at least!



The Christmas Candle has just opened this weekend in the theaters (November 22nd), so I hope you all can make time to go see it before it is gone!  It is a wonderful start to this Christmas season, and I have no doubt that it will be a classic in both the world of period drama and the world of standard Christmas movies.  To read more about the film you can visit the official website.

Have a wonderful week!