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title pic “Maria’s Wedding Dress” – As Seen Up Close!

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on November 10, 2013

Hello, Ladies!

If you all were following the auction for Maria’s Wedding Dress which I wrote about in detail several weeks back, you were undoubtedly waiting to see what this classic movie wedding gown would sell for.  I was eagerly anticipating the results of this auction as well, but I was to get a big surprise when I recently received an email from a reader who got access to take pictures of the actual gown before it went up for auction!  You can imagine my shock when I opened up my inbox to see half a dozen images of Maria’s Wedding Dress up close that had never been published on the auction website before!  My initial reaction was, “How in the world did you get ahold of these pictures?” :)  I am so very thankful to have seen these images, and that this reader was kind enough to let me post the pictures on the blog here!  (Thank you, Henry!)  There are a couple of photos that I’m saving to use as guidelines for when I create a pattern inspired by Maria’s Wedding Dress next year, but I will show some of them here for you all to enjoy.


Oh yes, and the final price that Maria’s Wedding Dress sold for was $23,040, probably due to the waterstain on the front of the skirt.  Julien’s Auctions had estimated that the gown would sell for somewhere between $30,000 to $50,000, and I was a little surprised myself that it didn’t bring more money!  Whatever the case, it’s still a gorgeous gown and I hope the new owners will take impeccable care of it.



I love how well these pictures show the details of the piping and darts and silk slubs in the fabric.  In the film the bodice crosses over at the neckline, so either this gown is displayed on a mannequin that’s too big in the shoulder area, or it has been altered since the film was made. 


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