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title pic Meryton & Longbourn from Pride & Prejudice!

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on September 10, 2013

Dear Readers,

Yesterday was one of the most amazing days of my life!!  I saw so many sites beloved to fans of Pride & Prejudice that I hardly know where to start, and I’m quite overwhelmed by everything we did.  I started out the day by perusing through “Meryton” (Lacock Village), and ended the evening in the beautiful home of Longbourn.  I can hardly take in all that happened, as I had the most unbelievable time dancing the night away inside Longbourn itself!!  I must rush off to eat some breakfast so you’ll forgive me for sharing mainly pictures rather than words, but rest assured that I will give a more detailed post when I get back home!

“Shall we be quite safe here, Mr. Darcy, do you think?”

The Red Lion Inn where the “country dance” takes place at the start of the film.

The GORGEOUS Lacock Abbey where we saw so many incredible things inside….

“But by then his habits were as dissolute as his manners were engaging…” Remember?! Mr. Darcy walking here to find Wickham at Cambridge?

Look at this! It’s the window at the Bell at Bromley where Lydia leans out to call to Lizzie below!

Squeal!! It’s the church that the Bennets attended and where the Bennet girls’ double wedding took place!

I must say at this point that by the time we arrived on the Longbourn property (which is not open to the public and is absolutely exactly like how it was in the film), we were so overwhelmed that many of us were at the point of tears to see in person the place that we’ve known and loved so well from the beloved film.  To stand right in front of the very house where Lizzie and Jane’s stories unfold, to walk up to the home and actually touch it, is so overwhelming and incredible that it was hard to believe it was really happening.   I can hardly believe I was so blessed to see this all!

Look! “This man, and this woman, and THIS man, and THIS woman, in holy matrimony…” Can you just see the Bennets, Bingleys, and all their family sitting in the pews? I sat where the Gardiners were during the wedding ceremony. Amazing!!

Look at this! It’s where Lizzie and Jane would walk and where Jane was told, “I give you leave to like him – you’ve liked many a stupider person!”

And I wore my Elizabeth Bennet reproduction costume in the very spot that Jennifer Ehle wore hers in the film!! Oh my goodness!


Forgive the exhausted look (I had only had three hours of sleep the night before), but I was absolutely in heaven. Behind me is the “prettyish sort of wilderness” where Lady Catherine and Lizzie walked. Incredible!

So when at last the sun was setting we all headed into the house where photography is not allowed for the most amazing evening I have ever experienced.  On hand was a fabulous historical dance teacher who is often summoned to help television productions and films with their dances.  We had a marvelous time twirling the evening away before dinner in the Bennet’s dining room!  Squeal!  I tried to envision the whole family sitting around the table, and quoted Mr. Collins’ speech to Mr. Bennet on how “You may imagine, sir, how happy I am on every occasion to offer those little delicate compliments to ladies which are always acceptable.”  Ugh, Mr. Collins was despicable!  But it didn’t stop me from giving the whole little speech just for the fun of it!

And after dinner, about twelve of us started dancing which gave much more room in the main entry way for those of us who really loved dancing.  OH MY GOODNESS!!!  Well, I’ve never had so much fun in my life.  And what do you know, but the dance instructor chose my three favorite Regency dances in the whole wide world right in a row!!  I have memorized these from watching Jane Austen movies for years, but it’s very rare that I actually have the chance to dance them.  First we did that amazing dance that Emma & Mr. Knightley dance in the 2009 version of Emma, which was absolutely gorgeous!  The video for this on Youtube is here.   It was marvelous!  Then, we danced probably my second favorite dance ever, this jig that they danced in this same film where Mr. Knightley rescues Harriet from sure humiliation.  :)  The dance teacher said while teaching, “You already know this one!  Maybe you should teach it.”  I was quite excited!  I’ve never danced it before, but it came quite naturally after watching it so many times on DVD.  It is the bounciest, most wonderful dance you could imagine, and I did it just as energetically as I could. :)  You can see which dance I’m referring to here.

And finally, we did Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot dance!!  This is the one that Darcy and Elizabeth dance at the Netherfield Ball.  The music went on and on, and I wished the dance would never stop…

Well, I now am officially running short on time as I must go get ready for another costumed day in the English countryside. 

I will update again as soon as I can.  Thank you, Lord, for such an amazing time in England!

All the best,