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title pic I’m in England!

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on September 9, 2013

It’s been one of those rare and unforgettable days when what seems to good to be true is true.  When something you’ve been planning towards for months on end finally starts to come to pass, and when you’re so busy making sure you haven’t forgotten a thing that the sheer enormity of what you’re doing seems to get lost in the shuffle…  This morning I stood looking at my bare sewing room, where only a few hours before countless dresses had been laid out on tables and hung on the dressform, and where I had spent so many pleasant hours over the last eight months happily sewing for this very trip.  In this place where for the last few weeks there has been nothing but bustling and busyness to finish my costumes, the room seemed strangely empty and hollow with all the gowns gone and packed away.  It was one of those days when you have to keep telling yourself, “This is really happening!  I’m going to England today!  My costumes are really finally all done and I’m going to England!!”

I can hardly believe that I’m typing these words, but I’m in London:)  Hip hip hooray!  I managed to survive the 5,000 mile trek in one piece with all my luggage, thank the Lord, and with only several minor “tragedies” along the way.  Just kidding!  Well, my bags did cause me some slight problems throughout the course of my airplane travel, but I’m back on track for the rest of my trip to go smoothly.


If one has to travel, one ought to do it in style!

And as is only fitting for a costume tour, I was indeed sewing right up till the morning that I left.  So much for my goal to be done with all sewing one month prior to the trip!  Oh well. :)  All the sewing over the last few months did pay off, though, as I now have three Regency day dresses, two Spencer jackets, two bonnets, one petticoat, and one elaborate, over-the-top ballgown (completely hand-stitched) in my suitcases.  These of course are in addition to my “normal” outfits which I’ve sewn for the tour, many of which you’ll be seeing in my upcoming London and Winchester blog posts.

The official costumed festivities will begin in another day or so, but I thought I would post the links to my England trip blog posts from my 2009 tour to tide you over until then!

From the Edelweiss Patterns Blog archives, here is the Victoria & Albert Museum Part I, the Victoria & Albert Museum Part II, a Kensington Palace blog post, and an article about the Jane Austen Festival and my Elizabeth Bennet outfit reproduction.  If you read my blog post from last year about Queen Elizabeth’s royal tour gowns from the 1950s, you will see many gowns that I will be viewing in person next week!  (Please note that I am using much higher resolution cameras this time than I did four years ago, so hopefully even the low-lit museums will show up quite nicely just like the DAR Museum pictures did this spring.)

So until next time, happy sewing!