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title pic And the Winner Is… Liesl’s Edelweiss Dress!

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on February 21, 2013

About two weeks ago I put up a poll here on the blog to get your feedback – and what wonderful feedback it was! I was wanting to know your opinions on which “Sound of Music” style pattern I should design next, and I was really delighted to read all the excellent comments.

Well, after all the votes were counted, Liesl’s Edelweiss Dress was well ahead of all the rest!  In fact, this dress had around twice as many votes as any of the other pattern options.


In a close tie for second place were Baroness Schraeder’s Red Suit and Maria’s Wedding Dress – these two were practically neck-and-neck during the entire “race”!  Of the 243 total votes, 102 people voted for Liesl’s Edelweiss Dress, 54 for Baroness Schraeder’s Red Suit, 53 for Maria’s Wedding Dress, 29 for Maria’s Gold Suit, in addition to the 5 individuals who chose the “Other” button when voting.

For the record, the five “Other” votes were as follows: 2 people voted for Maria’s Laendler Dress (the one she wears when dancing with the Captain), one person voted for Maria’s Brown Jumper, one vote was cast for a “Louise” dress style, and yet another voted for the lavender day dress which Baroness Schraeder wore at the von Trapp villa on the day her engagement was announced.  Those are all excellent choices which I love as well, and you never know if one of those might be on my next to-do list for patterns!

Click on the image for a larger view.

So since Liesl’s Edelweiss Dress is clearly the most sought-after pattern on this list, that’s the one I’m working on next!  I’ve already drafted the better part of the bodice and am really happy with how the initial prototype is turning out.  Thankfully I have sketches that I’ve made of the dress dating back to six whole years ago, so this is a dress I’ve been thinking about (and studying!) for a long, long time.


Thank you all so much for your feedback!  I really appreciate each and every vote or comment, and I just loved hearing what you all had to say about my upcoming pattern ideas!  In the upcoming weeks I will let you all see sneak peeks of the upcoming pattern, but until then rest assured that I’m hard at work behind the scenes. :)

Next up, I’ll be sharing some pictures of an amazing swing dance I’ve been going to.  At long last I finally have somewhere to wear all my vintage dresses!  And there is nothing quite as thrilling as spending several hours dancing to the marvelous music of the 1940s and 50s…    I feel so blessed to have this opportunity!

Until next time, happy sewing!


Please note: White our patterns are inspired by the “Sound of Music” costumes, Edelweiss Patterns does not make exact replicas of any movie costumes and we do not market our patterns under the “Sound of Music” label.  All movie stills captured from the “Sound of Music” come from the film which is copyrighted by Twentieth Century Fox, and we have digitally captured and remastered these images ourselves.