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Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on February 3, 2013

Hello, Ladies!

While I sew costumes and vintage dresses from a wide range of decades and eras, I must admit that my real love in costuming has always been recreating the “Sound of Music” costumes!  It was my goal to start reproducing these Von Trapp dresses six years ago that finally convinced me to launch a pattern line, and no matter how many patterns I release, I always wish I had time to publish more!


Salzburg’s magnificent Mirabell Gardens, with Fortress HohenSalzburg in the background.

That’s not to say that I’ve been “slacking off” from my long-term goal – I’ve published five patterns since 2010, and that includes all the draping, grading, writing the pattern instructions, drawing the illustrations, compiling yardage charts, sewing the final garments, plus modeling the dresses and assembling the patterns once they’re printed!  It’s just that this year I really want to focus more on my Sound of Music costume goal, which may mean that I don’t get to do as many “random” vintage dress projects.  But if I can release more patterns than I normally do in one year (I’ve released two each of the last two consecutive years), then I will be very happy!  In addition, once I publish my favorite women’s costumes from the “Sound of Music” story, I plan to start working on some of the gorgeous dresses worn by the younger girls – particularly Gretl and Brigitta!

As I was considering my next designs for the months ahead, I thought, “Why not hold a poll on the blog to see which dress is my reader’s favorite?”  I released all my very favorite dress patterns first, but there are still soooo many gorgeous dresses worn by the Von Trapps that I haven’t made yet!

So without further ado, here are the next designs on my “to-do” list:

~ Liesl’s Edelweiss Dress ~


~ A lovely vintage 1940s style with lots of Austrian charm!  This white and green heirloom frock features piping in the princess seams, a full, gathered skirt, fitted bodice, and the most beautfiul explosion of ruffles at the neckline!  I’d like to think that the delicate purple flowers embroidered on the white ruffle are “Edelweiss” flowers, but unfortunately that simply isn’t true.  Nevertheless, this will always be “Liesl’s Edelweiss Dress” to me, if only because this dress conjures up memories of Captain von Trapp singing, “Edelweiss”…


Baroness Schraeder’s Red Suit


~ Such a fashionable early 1940s suit!  Yes, I’m well aware that this portion of the von Trapp’s story took place in the “last golden days of the thirties“, but in actuality this type of outfit is really much more 1940s than 1930s.  Since all the main characters in the story were quite the elite of Austrian society, their dresses would have been made in the most stylish mode available.  Baroness Schraeder’s Suit was comprised of a below-the-knee skirt, cropped bolero-style suit jacket, and the loveliest red and white polka-dotted blouse underneath!  My favorite element of this outfit is (of course!) the voluminous side swept bow that cascades from the left front edge of the blouse.  Of all Elsa Schraeder’s costumes, I think this was her most iconic outfit! 


Maria’s Wedding Dress


~ What an exquisite bridal gown!  Made from the finest silk shantung, this glorious dress featured a high, upstanding collar, fitted sleeves, crossover bolero-style bodice, a definite hourglass shape made possible by a firmly fitting corset, and a gorgeous bustly train in back.  This gown embodies elegance, purity, and an air of the aristocratic family which Maria was marrying into.  In real life, Maria von Trapp’s wedding dress was not so exquisite, but this could be because in real life the wedding took place in 1929, not in the late 1930s.  I have had so many requests for this pattern over the years, and I really do want to release this one by fall of 2013 since it would be perfect for winter weddings.


Maria’s Gold Suit


~ A darling little suit which Maria wore when she returned from her honeymoon.  Apparently Captain von Trapp insisted that Maria had some new dresses made, since her governess wardrobe was not suitable for the wife of an Austrian Naval Officer, and she certainly couldn’t go skipping about the countryside anymore in her tweed dress that even “the poor didn’t want”!  I love the detailed collar, and the darted jacket which was so flattering on her!  The skirt is a slightly swingy, mid-calf style, and altogether she looked very distinguished, sophisticated, and yet maternal at the same time. 

Below is the poll, and I look forward to seeing what your answers are!  You are welcome to leave comments on this blog post if you have any thoughts to share, as well.


Happy sewing!


Please note:  While the patterns I produce are inspired by the Sound of Music story, they are not sold under the Sound of Music label, and Edelweiss Patterns is not afiliated with Twentieth Century Fox or Rodgers & Hammerstein.  These patterns are inspired by the costumes from the von Trapp story, but they are not exact replicas of any movie costumes.  All movie stills are copyright by Twentieth Century Fox, and have been digitally captured by Edelweiss Patterns.