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title pic Liesl’s Original Dancing Gazebo near Salzburg, Austria

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on May 27, 2011

Liesl and Rolf sound of music dance original gazebo

The famed Salzburg gazebo associated with Liesl & Rolf, as well as the Captain & Maria.

This is probably the most famous gazebo in the world!  And for good reason, too!  The charming glass panes and geometrically placed benches just  beg for a good thunderstorm and some lively dancing!   One can almost hear strains of Rodgers & Hammerstein orchestra music the instant you see it!

sound of music gazebo at hellbrunn palace

Here is the actual gazebo made famous by Liesl, which is now located on the Hellbrunn Palace grounds.

The original “Liesl & Rolf” gazebo is now located at the  Hellbrunn Palace grounds, one of Austria’s most magnificent castles.  You can visit their website here at .  If you read carefully though, you’ll catch the fact that they call the characters “Liesl and Franz”!!  Just think – Liesl dancing with Franz the Butler?  What a terrible thought.  Somehow I don’t think it would have been something we still remember today.  : )  I doubt if Franz could have done all the twirling necessary for the role.

Interestingly enough, this “mistake” on their site may be indicative of the fact that Austrians are not actually that familiar with the storyline of the von Trapp family, and most citizens do not take too kindly to the image conveyed in the “Sound of Music” story.  Perhaps they suspect that we assume all Austrians dress up in curtains, go skipping through wide meadows, and pick edelweiss flowers all day long.  But whatever it is we associate with Austria, it must be something wonderful, considering the fact that around 300,000 Westerners visit Salzburg each year due to the von Trapp story alone!  While there may be some validity to Austria’s objections that the “Sound of Music” play does not accurately represent their country, I think that if the von Trapp family was eventually able to accept their misrepresented musical story, it’s high time that Austrians do the same.  After all, it has been one of their main sources of tourism for the last forty-five years, and has endeared their nation to the hearts of millions around the world!

A Wonderful Sound of Music Costume - Liesl's Dress

Edelweiss Patterns' "Liesl's Dancing Dress" design which is the most wonderful Sound of Music costume to wear for dancing, even if you don't have a gazebo nearby!

It would appear that the time has come when Salzburg and its native citizens may be realizing this truth, because in October 2011, for the very first time ever, “The Sound of Music” play by Rodgers & Hammerstein is being held in Salzburg itself at the Salzburger Landestheater.  Local residents, most of whom have never seen the story but only resented its associations, will now have the opportunity to attend a performance in German!  This theatrical production’s website is announcing, “The Sound of Music is coming home!”  If you happen to be in the city of Salzburg this fall, you will certainly want to attend this historic performance – that is, if you’re not busy dancing in the gazebo that night!

(Of course, no Sound of Music tour in Salzburg would be complete if you didn’t wear “Liesl’s Dress” for at least one day!  In my estimation, what’s the point of traveling half-way around the world if you’re not going to have the full experience?) : ) 

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