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title pic How to Make a Low Cut Neckline Modest

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on May 24, 2011

How to make modest shirts

This dressy top, made of a gold lacy fabric, is filled in with French stretch lace for a higher neckline.

Hello!  In my last post I told of my years-long struggle of trying to find beautiful clothing in the stores that was still modest, and how the problem of low-cut necklines was so discouraging when my only options were to wear either that or a plain, dumpy t-shirt.  (In my estimation you might as well wear a black garbage sack if you’re not going to wear something pretty!)  : )  Occasionally I was able to layer a low cut top with a camisole, but most of the time that option didn’t work for several reasons:

  1. Most tops I found were a bit too dressy to wear a casual white tank top with.
  2. Many of the necklines didn’t work with a regular camisole – either the straps were too wide and therefore showed beyond the shirt’s neckline, or the camisole’s neckline shape didn’t fit the style of the blouse. 
  3. And finally, I often found that adding another layer underneath a top would make it fit funny and have a more “chunky” look to it.  And in hot weather, it was not at all pleasant to wear two shirts at once! 

So as I wrote earlier, the problem was finally solved when some major stretch lace manufacturers began offering their goods to a few fabric brokers, who in turn sold it to a fabric store not far from where I live.  I was so excited!  Not only did these laces perfectly fit the style of modern tops and gave them more detail and flair,  they instantly made a low cut neckline be a couple inches higher! 

And for some of the stretch laces that were too narrow for my liking, I discovered that you can easily combine two widths of the same lace to make a “tiered” panel that you can then insert into a neckline!  Below I have show pictures of how you can do this quite easily.  (These instructions don’t show how to determine the width to cut or how to sew the lace panel into your top, as that is shown in the Modesty Solutions e-book.)

stretch lace to make a modest shirt

Measure your front neckline to determine how wide to cut your lace. (Leave a good 1/2" seam allowance on both sides.) Cut two pieces of lace this width, one slightly wider than the other.Overlap the shorter piece over the top of the longer piece. You want them to be overlapped at least 1/4".

stretch lace trim with sequins

Overlap the shorter piece over the top of the longer piece. You want them to be overlapped at least 1/4".


sequined stretch lace trim

Now pin through both layers of lace where you overlapped, keeping them flat on your work surface.

sew with stretch lace trim by machine

Sew with a straight stitch right down the center, following the pins and backstitching at the beginning and end.


how to make a low cut shirt modest
Once you have your panel ready, you can insert it into the blouse using the method shown in our Modesty Solutions e-book. For this top I chose to add a third tier of lace, using the method shown above.

For complete, detailed instructions and photos showing how to insert stretch lace into a top, you can purchase the Modesty Solutions e-book here, which also contains instructions for how to make almost any style of casual clothing or formal wear modest. 

Hope you enjoy it!