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title pic Joy’s Lovely Liesl Dress

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on March 11, 2012

Liesl’s Dress Customer Photos
Hello Ladies!  Here are some gorgeous pictures sent in by Joy who sewed a lovely dress from our Liesl’s Dancing Dress pattern.  She writes, “Hello, Katrina!  I love your Liesl dress pattern! I made it last year for my highschool graduation photos and wore it Easter Sunday to church.”   Looking at these photographs, I’m sure she was the best-dressed person at her church!

What an ethereal dress!

These pictures look so charming and feminine with the parasol.  I’d never even thought of using a parasol with the Liesl dress, but it’s the perfect accessory!

Don't you think Joy looks an awful lot like Liesl?

Joy did a fabulous job on the details, as you can see on the perfectly stitched ribbon trim.   To see more of her lovely creations, visit her wonderful blog!

And here she is on her graduation.



The bodice is perfectly fitted.


After finishing her own dress, she also sewed a darling pink dress for her little sister from the same fabric as her Liesl dress! (The pattern for Liesl’s Dress in Little Girls’s Sizes hadn’t been released at that point yet, so she concocted her own design with a similar fluttery skirt).

Look at that cute rosette!


But that is not the only Edelweiss Patterns inspired dress that Joy sent pictures of.  Remember the blue silk 1950s dress I made last fall from Butterick 5556?   She also recreated a near replica of my dress using the same silk dupioni and vintage pattern, and she added buttons up the front just as I did.  I’m posting a comparison photo below, but I put more pictures of her version over on the Facebook page.


On the left is my dress, and on the right is Joy's beautiful reproduction.


So after seeing these gorgeous dresses that she sewed, I’m feeling very inspired to finish up the current sewing projects I have so I can whip up some vintage dresses to wear this spring!  (I won’t say yet what exactly I’m working on, but there are going to be some fabulous 1950s dresses that you’ll be seeing in the near future – and it has to do with a new 1950s pattern that I’m thrilled about using.)

If any of you have made vintage dressses for spring or summer, I’d love for you to share the link so we can all enjoy the pictures!


Happy sewing,