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title pic Diana Barry Sneak Peek & a Last Minute Wedding

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on February 9, 2012

On Tuesday morning, I went as scheduled to one of my favorite locations for historical costume pictures and spent a couple of the most delightful hours having photographs taken in my “Anne of Avonlea” Diana Barry gown.  When I came back home, I spent a good several hours sorting through all the shots, making lighting adjustments to the pictures, and sizing them down to work on the blog.  When I went to bed on Tuesday evening, I figured that I would spend the majority of the next day writing and posting all the gorgeous pictures which had been taken at the mansion.
On Wednesday morning, the first news I was greeted with was that my engaged brother and his college sweetheart had decided to get married this week – and preferably that night!  Well, it would have been impossible to put together a wedding in one day (minor details such as the bride’s family being 2,000 miles away stood in their path), but we called a few friends and found a way to make it work just two days later!  So that day I took my future sister-in-law shopping for last-minute wedding supplies and necessary accessories, and we decided that I would make my own bridesmaid dress since her dress of choice from David’s Bridal would have taken several weeks to order.
The bride’s wedding dress was rush-processed at the alterations store back in Indiana, and her parents are heading out tomorrow morning with the gown in tow for the Friday evening wedding.  Thankfully my own dear mother is excellent at planning ahead, and had immediately decided upon her mother-of-the-groom attire shortly after the engagement was announced.  My brother and his best man will wear black suits, and my bridesmaid dress will be a royal purple (David’s Bridal calls the shade “Regency”).

The happily engaged couple!

As far as the details go, we knew of a church that was not booked for Friday night, so amazingly the location was quickly settled.  My father (an ordained minister who has performed a multitude of weddings!) will officiate the ceremony, an old friend of my brothers who has a degree in videography will tape the event, and an uncle who has a knack for photography will be on hand to lend his services.  My little cousin is going to have a purple dress purchased for her just in time for her to walk down the aisle as the flower girl, and my official job is to decorate the premises!
So if you could see me the next twenty four hours, I will be doing some alterations to my mother’s gown, making about three thousand tulle bows and rosettes for the decorations, sewing my dress in a couple of short hours, helping the engaged couple move into their new apartment, and hopefully curling my hair!    I think I have in mind what I’d like to make, and I believe I will be able to use a standard pattern for it.  The design I’ve always thought ideal for a bridesmaid dress is very similar to this one that Jessica McDonald sewed for her sister’s wedding in 2010.  I will certainly be posting wedding pictures, but first I wanted to give you a sneak peek of the Diana Barry dress that I have been so excited to share.
There is a ridiculous amount of detail on the front of the gown, and the pictures are absolutely fabulous, but I’m afraid I won’t have time to put the rest of them up until after the wedding this weekend.
I am so excited for the marriage and for my dear brother and sister-in-law.  It is certainly not the first last-minute  wedding I’ve been the maid of honor for, as a couple of years ago a friend of mine announced she was getting married in a couple of weeks and needed me to sew my dress and her veil.  This time I have two days instead of two weeks, but I’m sure it will be wonderful!  You really don’t need a whole year to plan a wedding.
Last week my best friend from childhood announced that she is in a relationship with someone and wants me to be her maid of honor when the wedding takes place…  I was delighted of course, but all I have to say is that she’d better give me a little bit of notice!  : )  I will be making her gown, but I will certainly need much longer than two days to put the whole thing together! : )
So thank you for bearing with me as my schedule has turned upside down, and I would appreciate prayers for the wedding to go smoothly!