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title pic Was There a Real Baroness Schraeder?

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on May 20, 2011

If you are familiar with the “Sound of Music” storyline at all, you probably feel a strong disliking for Maria’s antagonist, Baroness Schraeder.  After all, what’s there to like about her?  She’s arrogant, she’s snobbish, she plans to send the children away from home, and she does her best to get Maria out of the picture (no pun intended!)  And when she finally exits the Captain’s life, we all breathe a huge sigh of relief!   But you may have wondered, “Was there a real Baroness Schraeder, and if so, what was she like?”


The Edelweiss Patterns new release for the "Baroness Schraeder Party Gown"! Look familiar?

Surprisingly, the real life “Baroness Schraeder” character was remarkably similar to the story we know and love from “The Sound of Music”.  In her biography, The Story of the Trapp Family Singers, Maria describes her potential rival as the Princess Yvonne.  This lady was an Austrian noblewoman who had an abundance of wealth, and (apparently) a fondness for Captain von Trapp.  The oldest von Trapp daughter, Agathe, later penned that the Princess was not only a Vienesse countess, but actually a cousin of Georg’s first wife!  The relationship between the Captain and the Princess took place over the course of several years, during which Georg had asked Yvonne to consider marriage on several occasions.  Each time, however, the real “Baroness Schraeder” wanted to delay things a little.  By the time Maria arrived on the scene, both von Trapp and Princess Yvonne were planning towards an imminent marriage, though they were not yet officially engaged. 

One day, Princess Yvonne took Maria aside and alerted her to the fact that the Captain was in love with her.  Nothing could have startled this future nun more, and it took all of Yvonne’s energy plus the advice of her Catholic priest to convince the governess to remain with the von Trapp family.  Before long the Princess returned to her castle, and things went on as before, except that Maria’s interactions with the Captain were very strained.  As Georg was unaware of the reason for this sudden coldness, he did his best to resolve the situation, but to no avail.  Finally, Maria asked the Captain if he would please be so kind as to get engaged to Princess Yvonne “right away.” 

Nonnberg-Abbey-where-Maria-von-Trapp-was a-postulate

A scene which was very dear to Maria von Trapp, the skyline of Salzburg with the red dome of Nonnberg Abbey rising above it.

Shortly thereafter the Captain set off to visit the Princess with plans for a definite wedding date.  He even went so far as to write home to Maria, “I wish I could see your eyes when you read the announcement of my engagement.”  Well, for some reason Maria was sincerely offended at the thought of his wanting to see her eyes, and responded with a fiery note saying that her eyes were “none of his business.”  This letter was delivered to the Captain only moments before he planned to propose, and after reading it he knew that Yvonne was not the one he wanted to marry. 

Through a series of even stranger events than these mentioned, Maria accidentally accepted his marriage offer to her which was initially relayed by the von Trapp children!  After consulting with the Revenend Mother at Nonnberg Abbey, Maria returned to the von Trapp Villa where she informed the Captain, “Th-they said I have to m-marry you-ou!”, and buried her face in his shoulder with a sob.  And thus began their engagement!

Of course Maria quickly became excited to become wife and mother to such a wonderful family, and was really only sad at first because she thought the Lord had rejected her offer of a life of service to Him.  If she could have only seen then all the service she would offer in her life, I’m sure she would have been thrilled! 

Baroness-Elsa-Schraeder's-gold-lame'-party-gown-a-Sound-of-Music-costume idea

Baroness Schraeder would be proud to wear this - she once noted, "I do have the finest couturier' in all Vienna!"

But in honor – well, not in honor, I certainly am not fond of Baroness Schraeder; but in remembrance of her beautiful wardrobe from the Sound of Music, I have just released the 1930s style sewing pattern for “Baroness Schraeder’s Evening Gown”!  This intermediate-rated gown is an exquisite style that makes the most elegant prom dress or formal wear!  I”ve included the option for straps, for authenticity, as well as cap sleeves which can quickly convert this gown into a modest formal wear dress!  Shaped with gathers and tucks in the bodice area, this gorgeous gown features an elegant godet with a slight train and a beautiful organza pouff at the left shoulder!  And of course, no Baroness Schraeder evening gown would be complete without a tiara!

 As with the “Liesl Dress” pattern, the “Baroness Schraeder Dress” comes printed on sturdy white paper in Sizes 6-20.  The detailed instructions and full color pattern front come in a resealable plastic envelope for years of use.  I have even assembled a video on how to fit this Sound of Music dress which is referenced in the sewing instructions. 

If you’d like to see a video of the dress which was posted by “A Needle Pulling Thread”, click here.

A Sound of Music costume - Baroness Schraeder's Party Gown from the Sound of Music

"There must be an easier way!"

Thank you for reading about the real “Baroness Schraeder” story! 

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