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title pic Costume Goals for 2012

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on December 30, 2011

When I think of years chronologically, I tend to think of them in terms of how many dresses I sewed that year!  In 2009, for instance, I was so busy preparing for the England costume tour that I only sewed one Regency gown and spencer jacket, along with half a dozen blouses and numerous “Liesl” dress prototypes.  The next year I began with a time-intensive Victorian ball gown which took about sixty hours to complete, and focused much of my time on finalizing the Liesl dress instructions for printing in early 2010.  That year also saw a dark green taffeta jacket, peach faille sundress, several lacy heirloom tops, and matching dark green silk Christmas outfits for my mother and I.

This past year tops them all, though!  Besides sewing so many Liesl dresses it wasn’t even funny, I published the pattern for Baroness Schraeder’s Evening Gown in late spring and Maria’s Gazebo Dress pattern in late summer.  But since it can be a little strenuous to only ever sew things for other people or for business purposes, I also took some time to make myself a total of five 1950s dresses, two crinoline skirts, two stretchy knit tops, an Edwardian gown, Victorian petticoat, and I altered an enormous amount of tops by sewing stretch lace into the necklines for a quick “mock-camisole” look.

But in 2012, I am hoping to be a bit more intentional with my sewing and blogging schedule.


Business wise, I hope to add the pattern for “Liesl’s Dress” in little girls’ sizes to the Edelweiss Patterns collection, as well as releasing the pattern for “Liesl’s Edelweiss Dress” in women’s sizes by summer.  Ideally, I would be thrilled to publish “Liesl’s Party Dress” pattern in the upcoming months as well.  I have studied the “Sound of Music” costumes for so long that it’s really hard to decide which is my favorite and which I should design next!

For the blog, my goal for each month is to write at least one post on a particular film’s costumes (I have a lot in mind!), and sew either a vintage/retro dress (1930s -1950s) or a historical/film costume each month.  Of course I will also add some sewing how-tos and pattern giveaways, and I am considering hosting a sew-along for a new “Liesl blouse” design I concocted from the Liesl dress pattern (more on that soon!).

So here’s a little of what’s coming in the next several weeks:


Diana Berry’s Going – Away Dress

Remember that gorgeous dress Diana wore in “Anne of Avonlea” right after her wedding?  It is by far my favorite “Anne of Avonlea” film costume, and one that I think I will finally make after years of admiring it.  While I cannot find an exact match for the lace on her gown, I will be using some heirloom laces that were passed down to me from an actual Edwardian collection.  I can’t wait to finish this one!

Butterick Retro Pattern 5708

I was so elated when I saw this new design!  While it looks similar to Butterick 4790 (the famous “walkaway dress”) with the same “v” point seam in the bodice front and back, it is really completely different in the way it’s constructed.  The upper bodice is cut on the bias, the almost rectangular skirt is gathered as opposed to flaring out like B4790’s circle skirt, and it has a hidden side zipper and shoulder ties.  And best of all, it appears to fit the model much better than any of the previous retro designs I’ve seen.  Most of the reproduction patterns have way too much ease in the bodice, but in a few days from now (when I finish my first version of this dress) I will know for sure!

I have enjoyed sewing during 2011 so much, and I’m looking forward the year to come!

Happy sewing and Happy New Year,