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title pic A Lacy Edwardian Tea Gown

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on December 1, 2011

In true Edwardian fashion, I had this gown photographed in a 1914 mansion.
I have finished my lacy Edwardian tea gown sewn with Sense & Sensibility’s wonderful pattern, and I can hardly wait to share the results! This fantastic design is wonderfully easy to sew, and I made a couple slight changes – shortening the sleeves, and sewing just one layer of overlay, using the whole skirt pattern rather than having a panel down the front that isn’t overlaid. Besides that, this dress gown is nearly identical to the original pattern.  You can see more pictures over on the Edelweiss Patterns Facebook page.  Enjoy!  

A delicate embroidered netting overlays the ivory silk shantung skirt on this gown.

Scalloped lace at the hem adds a finishing touch to this silk gown.

In back, the overlay cascades down beneath the pouffy silk bow.


I hand-pleated some lovely lavender ribbon for trim around the neckline.



The lace appliques on the sleeves were applied to the basic sleeve pattern, at which point the silk was cut away from behind the lace and hand stitched in place. The center bodice panel was decorated with numerous rows of puffed lace.



The center bodice panel was decorated with numerous rows of puffed lace.


It is always so much fun to walk down an elegant staircase in a long, drapy gown!

I’m sure this mansion’s former residents must have held some grand Christmas parties here!
One of my favorite parts of this dress is the silk dupioni sash in a rich plum color.
By some miracle my hair stayed curled without any hairspray…

This lovely dress would probably only have been worn for indoor tea parties, but it looks just as pretty outside.

 I had so much fun getting these photographs taken, and the mansion in these photographs was completed in 1914 – a very likely year for this gown to have been worn.  The fabric of the dress is silk shantung, with an embroidered tulle overlay and silk dupioni sash.  I like to imagine if the house’s Edwardian inhabitants would have ever worn a similar dress…  At any rate, I absolutely loved wearing this gown, and I felt as if I’d stepped back in time one hundred years in the grand old mansion!

Happy sewing!