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title pic Liesl’s Curtain Dress – Sound of Music Playclothes Costumes

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on October 14, 2011

Liesl’s Curtain Dress – The Sound of Music Playclothes Costumes


“I made them, from the drapes that used to hang in my bedroom!” Maria told Captain von Trapp about those green and white damask playclothes that his children had been roaming about Salzburg wearing.  No one would probably think of making a reproduction of Liesl’s curtain dress unless they were a die-hard Sound of Music fan such as myself, but since I do hope to eventually recreate and sew all the Sound of Music film costumes, I decided that Liesl’s dress from the “Do-Re-Mi” scene was the next one on my list! 


I had never thought much of sewing Liesl’s curtain dress until I spotted this wonderful sparkly damask from Michael Miller Fabrics.  I instantly knew that this would be the perfect Sound of Music curtain fabric, and proceeded to snatch up a couple of yards of the material. 

"Do you mean to tell me that my children have been roaming about Salzburg dressed up in nothing but some old drapes?!"

The Sound of Music Film Costume ~ In the film version, Liesl von Trapp’s dress is probably one of the cutest of all the children’s drapery playclothes. 


All Sound of Music stills are copyright by Twentieth Century Fox, 1965.

It has a modest round neckline, fitted bodice, puffy white sleeves, and a below-knee skirt that is straight in the front and gathered in the back. 


Liesl’s curtain dress has a nipped-in waist, thanks to self-fabric ties sewn into the dart seams at the bodice front. 


These ties end in a bow in the back, though you rarely get a good shot of the back of the dress due to the moving nature of the scenes it occurs in. 

With the flattering bodice and cute puffy sleeves, I love wearing this new Sound of Music costume! 



I realized after the photo shoot that these two pictures have very similar poses!


“Liesl’s Curtain Dress” is somewhere between a dirndl style and a sundress, and I think the sparkles in the fabric I used make the dress much cuter, and not so “drapery” looking.  The only thing I would probably change with this dress is adding more width to the skirt.


 The original Sound of Music film costume is on display at the Planet Hollywood Restaurant, and is one of only four known Sound of Music costumes that can actually be viewed by the public.  In this photo you will also see Gretl’s party dress and Marta’s party dress, both of which are darling little girls’ dresses.  All three of these film costumes have softened up over the years, and don’t have the same cripsness that they did in 1964.  They are still in excellent condition though, and I am so grateful that we can get a glimpse of them behind glass!  To view the other Sound of Music film costume which is currently on display, click here.


So while I may not release the pattern for this Sound of Music dress in the immediate future, I will certainly keep it on my list of patterns to make, as I have had requests for Sound of Music curtain costume patterns.  Neverminding what the Captain thought of Maria’s fashion design abilities, I think this is a darling style with lots of vintage flair, and I would wear it even if it was sewn from “drapes that used to hang in my bedroom”.

Auf weidersehen!