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title pic Announcing the Release of Maria’s Gazebo Dress Pattern

Posted by Edelweiss Patterns on September 21, 2011

Maria’s Gazebo Dress Pattern – A Sound of Music Costume Inspired by Maria’s Blue Chiffon Dress


Edelweiss Patterns is pleased to announce the release of our newest pattern, “Maria’s Gazebo Dress”!  This lovely 1930s style in inspired by the beautiful blue chiffon dress that Maria wore in “The Sound of Music” for the puppet show scene, “Edelweiss“, and “Something Good“.  After years of studying the details of this lovely Sound of Music costume, I’ve put together the pattern in sizes 6-20 that contains the same flutter sleeves, gathered bodice, and honeycomb smocking that fans have admired for nearly five decades.  Perfect for Sound of Music theater productions and sing-alongs, this modest formalwear pattern could also be used as vintage party dress or for any special occasion. 


Perhaps one of this dress’s best features is the fitted belt, which creates such a flattering silhouette when contrasted with the bouffant bodice!  In the 1930s the success of the film “Gone With the Windcaused clothing designers to incorporate Victorian styles from the 1860s into the then-modern day fashions.  And wide belts and sashes were just one of many details they brought back into fashion!  If you look at the pictures of Gone With the Wind film costumes, you will notice that those wide, pointed belts look quite similar to the insets sewn into 1930s gowns.  And while Maria’s belt isn’t pointed, it definitely has the same heirloom feel with the cumberband style in front that dips around to a low “v” in back.  This belt is so versatile that you can even wear it over an every-day peasant style top, or over any blouse that is a little too big in the waist.


And best of all, I’ve worked out the yardage layouts to where you won’t even need a full 3 yards of fabric for 60″ wide material!  You can view our yardage requirement chart here.



This pattern is rated for intermediate seamstresses, but I’ve included detailed sewing instructions and illustrations, along with an online tutorial for how to create those lovely honeycomb smocked panels. 


So if you are looking for a beautiful vintage dress to wear to an upcoming event, why not make yourself a dress inspired by this classic Sound of Music costume?  It’s sure to be a outfit you will wear for years to come!

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