If you are looking for authentic Sound of Music costumes, we offer sewing patterns for some of the most popular Sound of Music dresses. These 1930s and 40s vintage patterns are perfect for Sound of Music theater productions, sing-alongs, parties, or any special occasion. Our pattern designs include “Liesl’s Dancing Dress”, “Baroness Schraeder’s Evening Gown”, “Maria’s Gazebo Dress” "Liesl's Party Dress” and “Liesl’s Dancing Dress for Little Girls”. Inspired by the original Sound of Music costumes, these sewing patterns capture all the charm of the Austrian gowns worn in the “last golden days of the 30s”.

Secondly, our mission is to be your online resource for making modest clothing. After years of altering store-bought garments, I’ve put together an e-book of “Modesty Solutions” which shows you how to take nearly any garment, whether casual or formal, and make it modest! Best of all, we offer beautiful stretch lace trims which instantly transform a low-cut neckline into a modest neckline.

And finally, if you would like to follow more of my vintage inspired sewing projects, (ranging from the Regency Era to 1950s), please visit my blog page for lots of historical costuming fun.

Happy sewing!

Katrina Casey
Edelweiss Patterns - Sound of Music Costumes & Modesty Solutions

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